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I don't know. I think that J.Finn's episode was enough.
Not because it was a bad character, but I think that it's story was explained well even without anything more. Sure, where the hell he went after that explosion can be a common question, but at the same time I don't think it's necessary. I should open a thread about him to discuss more.

The ones who REALLY needed more episodes, or plot expansion, were Touch n Go.
I mean, I said it countless of times in the thread, they never had any kind of backstory. They are just mercenaries.
That's it.

Traximus is a well-rounded character. Even tho I would have wanted him to show up again in the serie (after the war), I think it had a big screentime and importance.

Ratking would have been interesting too for a better character development. Imagine the stupidly exaggerated philosophical themes his character could have received.
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