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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
I just think the best Castlevania way to go would be something between your average Resident Evil and Symphony of the Night. Going through Castlevania itself, level by level, open roam with a lot of long winding staircases and secrets. And maybe let you explore around the castle, too. It's really shocking there isn't like a brand new cutting edge Castlevania game every 2 or 3 years. What happened? Did they try to go "too big" with the reboot games with Patrick Stewart and all, then failed? Castlevania seemed like an evergreen property and Konami just seems to have abandoned it. Yeah, maybe they do a cheap portable game every random moon... but this was a juggernaut.
Konami attempted to turn Castlevania into big 3D, but every time they efforts were for naught: CV64 was rushed and made by an inexperienced team, so developers were allowed to make a "better" version of it, Legacy of Darkness. Both games failed to become "superhits" forcing Konami to make 2D Castlevanias.

Just a year later Castlevania Resurrection for Dreamcast was canceled, supposedly, due to the conflict between Konami Japan and Konami USA.

Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness were made on a shoestring budget and failed to garner interest.

Symphony of the Night 2 was canceled, most likely, because, Konami didn't see how Igarashi (producer of the series) could make a good 3D game, he made LOI and COD after all and his 2D games were no longer profitable. Though Konami put out teaser for it and a Radio spectacle which was supposed to bridge SOTN1 and SOTN2, they've canceled the game and started seek for someone else to make it, which led to...

...LOS1 which was the best selling in the series and LOS2 which was messed up by EGO of the producer, who thought he knows better than designers and writers how the game should look and what story should be, so, as Leo said, it ended up as a failure.

And so we arrived today, where there is no 3D or any other Castlevanias for that matter.
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