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Title: Too Far
Series: What if?
“Sometimes it only takes the removal of one stone to cause a mountain to crumble…”
In “Target: April O’Neil,” the only thing that saved April in time for the rest of the turtles to save her was Chrome Dome’s subroutines thanks to Karai’s little comment needing to test the robot on April. Suppose she didn’t… Suppose she kept her mouth shut, the Kraang didn’t install the subroutine, and Chrome Dome… What would have life been like for the turtles had Karai’s plan gone through…? Just what would these actions set in motion with April’s death at that point?
I came up with this RP noticing that had certain things not happened or had something gone wrong, that those events would have a dramatic impact on the series. I listed some of the characters as “possible” due to how many they are and I’m not sure how they’d contribute the main plot.

1. TMNT and OCs get along
2. You can have your character die if you want.
3. No god-modding
4. Shipping is allowed as long as you don’t harass another character you’re trying to ship.
5. Limit the characters to 1-2 if you choose both to do an OC and a canon character

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