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Mysterious Cruise Park
TMNT Mystery Cruise.
Okay, basically everyone receives a mysterious letter, stating:
"Dear Sir or Madame,
If you are receiving this letter, then congrats! You are one of the lucky few who has been chosen to preview T.C.R.I.'s latest facility, Mysterious Cruise Park. As you should know, MCP is T.C.R.I.'s attempt to profit in the family entertainment business. Now you have the opportunity to try T.C.R.I.'s latest attraction for free. This 7 day island cruise with a stop at Burnow Island will allow you to enjoy the comfort of a relaxing beach cruise with the thrill of an amusment park. T.C.R.I. representative, Ms. Pandora Paradox will be there to act as your tour guide and show you the rides, the casino, the zoo, and the aquarium. If you're feeling hesitant, did we mention there is a prize valued at over $2000 US for one lucky shipmate? Don't be shy, come aboard! The ticket is enclosed! Costumes are encouraged for maximum enjoyment.

~~~~Thank you for joining us!
--Norman Kraangenhoffer"
Everyone goes, some aware, others not, of the danger they are about to be in.

1. TMNT and OCs get along
2. You can have your character die/leave the cruise if you want.
3. No god-modding
4. Shipping is allowed as long as you don’t harass another character you’re trying to ship.
5. Limit the characters to 1-2 if you choose both to do an OC and a canon character

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