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Title: Not The One We Used to Know.

Series: 2k12

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Horror, Hurt/Comfort, Drama

Synopsis: One of the turtles is possessed by a malevolent being, causing him to slowly turn against everyone.

(I've done something like this before, in an old thread made by Luigiperps, which consisted of 3 role-plays. Mikey was the one possesed. It ended too quickly, I thought and I would've like more to have happened. More, as in the turtle actually hurting one of his brothers to create the whole drama aspect. And to just have this go for a decent length, but of course not way over 1,000 posts.)

  • No God-modding/Power-Playing.
  • No extra/outside side plots that will distract from the game. (Also everything will be occurring in the sewers, if your character leaves the sewers, we don't need to know what they're doing while they're gone. Have them just explain a summary of what happened when they return. Surprise us, i guess is what im saying. This may be a good idea for anyone, who may be absent for a while.)
  • OCs may (preferably should) know the tmnt in this, but there won't be any shipping here. (Because it distracts from the RP. I admit, guilty of this. Also I would like to avoid any jealousy battles, since more than one member may want a certain character as "their roleplay partner".)
  • 1-2 characters per person.
  • No $#!+ posting. (Y'all should know what I mean.)
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