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Well, after my long absence here on the 'drome, I feel a new RP might be a good welcome back.

Obviously the past few RP's here have been less than successful, despite the efforts made to really solidify them.

I propose we just go back to what worked (atleast from my time here for the past few years). And by that, I mean low-grade rules. (Personally, my ideal RP would be without OC's, full-paragraph format, slow to medium pace, with a given, canon-esque plot that everyone sticks to with their 1-2 characters. However, as we all have seen, everyone's 'ideal' is vastly different from one another's. )

So for this RP, I'd like to rules similar to Lethal's old "Lethal Lullaby Presentation" rules, as that is the longest RP I've been a part of, spanning over a year.

No godmodding your characters
Dont kill someone else's character
Be reasonable about your response time

OC's included
No limit on number of characters
Post how you like

Plot I think should be kept simple. Something about Shredder planning to attack the turtles, maybe.

If anyone would like to weigh in on this, please feel free to. Will try to create the RP in the next few days to gage some interest
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