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I've been a fan since just about the very beginning. I support everything Cinemassacre does. Good dudes, good content. No shilling, no narcissism, no politics, just entertainment.

I pledged to the AVGN movie's funding campaign a while back & got a signed photo of The Nerd for doing so. It proudly hangs in my room alongside the one I got from Ernie Hudson in Ghostbusters garb, seemed fitting they go together. Didn't care much for the movie itself, to be honest. The special effects & general plot were great, but the supporting cast ruined it for me. Couldn't f**king stand his two sidekicks. Still amusing, though, & I'm glad I supported it.

Mike shouted me out in a few of his streams which really made my day each time it happened, he also once drew Krang in Mario Paint by my request.

The two AVGN Adventures games are MAAAAAD GOOD. Highly recommended. Frustratingly difficult at times, but in a fun way.

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