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Originally Posted by Powder View Post
I've been a fan since just about the very beginning. I support everything Cinemassacre does. Good dudes, good content. No shilling, no narcissism, no politics, just entertainment.

I pledged to the AVGN movie's funding campaign a while back & got a signed photo of The Nerd for doing so. It proudly hangs in my room alongside the one I got from Ernie Hudson in Ghostbusters garb, seemed fitting they go together.

Mike shouted me out in a few of his streams which really made my day each time it happened, he once drew Krang in Mario Paint during a stream by my request.

The two AVGN Adventures games are MAAAAAD GOOD. Highly recommended. Frustratingly difficult at time, but in a fun way.
Wait there's two official AVGN games? Are both available on the Nintendo eShop and/or in Steam? I know the first one is.

And yeah, I also like Cinemassacre's extra stuff and I've never felt dirty aobut giving their videos clicks. They seem like genuinely good guys. They're just like us, but managed to find a way to show the world their passion for games, comics, movies, etc. Plus, they listen to the fans, and give us what we want often. They don't give off a corporate vibe at all.

That's cool of Mike to do that for you. Tbh, I always found Mike to be someone I'd get annoyed with after a while. His humour in the James and Mike Mondays videos can be a bit cringeworthty and annoying at times. Oh well, his job is drawing episode cards and he certainly is more talented at it than I ever will be. I guess, as an artist, you've been inspired by his work before?
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