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Good gosh, on one side of the forum I'm talking about being an overweight lesbian, this one:

Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
I have to confirm my furriness, lol, surprised I hadn't at least squeezed in a comment before I did a vanishing act for a couple weeks there. And yeah, I had to quote that image, because, goddamnit, soon as I saw that first Alopex appearance in the Raph Micro, I knew I wanted to find out more about the current IDW run

(Heck, I even showed another furry friend the Bebop/Rocksteady micro just because I loved the take so much, the FIRST question they had? "So, who was the fox/wolf person there anyhow?")

I actually don't know how big a furry following TMNT has, but readily assume there's a goshdarn sizable one, because simply by nature, furries as a whole seem to be thirsty for any content

That one anthro background character in Voltron? Has likely a dozen fan clubs and fan canons and such, furries seem to be savants for creating content and consuming it

...Whhhhhiiiiiich is where the rabbit hole just kind of hits China, as a consequence I've seen, very few furries are shy on their statuses and certainly less inhibited on their more 'colorful' shades of preference

So, yeah, lol, us furries are just darn weird, but I'd say for the most part harmless


Just, goddamn unfortunately, way more well known for the more extreme sides

Funny enough someone mentioned comparing Nazis and whatnot, anyone heard of Nazifurs?

(Seriously, don't even bother googling, it sounds EXACTLY like what it is and does not need you to even validate its existence)

I was going to end this post with a statement about personally being of the mind of folks can float their boat as they wish, but it ended up becoming super contrived about not ramming your boat into other folks boats and then inevitably thought there would already be anthro lewd of boats out there already...

Soooooo, instead, please enjoy this relevant comic on the subject of furry art:

(NSFW for language, not art, lol)
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