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Peter dreams about the dinner party he attended for Harry's comeback at the end of One More Day. Peter gets emotional when he sees Flash. He's introduced, as in the original story, to Lilly Hollister and Carlie Cooper, but this time Peter actually notices Mary Jane is at the party and ignores the pair of them. He tries to go after MJ before she can leave but Harry appears before him. Peter recalls what was said between them that day..."Speak of the Devil and he appears"

Back in the real world, Kindred revives Peter from the dead, and peels his own face off...Kindred finally stands revealed to Peter as Harry Osborn, and he utters his famous 1990s catchphrase...GOTCHA

My thoughts:

Amazing Spider-Man fills up a lot of pages with meta-commentary in the teases and some semblance of pay off at last as Harry unmasks...looks like the Kindred get up might not be entirely mystical, perhaps that's why he needed Mysterio. Still so little we know, but hopefully we're approaching the final stages of this arc and we'll get answers. In the meantime, we have some fabulous bundles of Bagley art and Peter prioritising amends with MJ over being introduced to her failed successors.

It's so good to see what many suspected about the post-devil deal epilogue fully realised. Harry as the bizzare chess master of the dopiest Spider-Man plots puts him right up there with Norman on the rictor scale. Anytime there's convoluted bizzaroland antics from editorial, just pin it on a Goblin. I look forward to the next migrane, next time use Kingsley!

Bagley seems to have trouble distinguishing Harry from Norman, which makes me think the Osborn we saw with Wilson Fisk in the January covers is meant to be Harry after all.
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