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I mean, people can't have it both ways. There's this huge push for socialized health care but at the same time, I and others like me don't want my tax dollars going to pay for the lung transplant of a 40-year smoker who was told a thousand times that they were gonna end up killing themselves. It isn't fair. People need to own their sh*t.

So since you "can't" make it illegal because of the tobacco lobbyists, the next most logical thing to do is try and make it harder to get access to, by raising the legal age and taxing the hell out of it. But you can't very well push for "free" taxpayer-funded health care AND continue to let things be a free-for-all. It just doesn't work that way, or at least it shouldn't.

What baffles me is, the exact same people pushing for socialized healthcare are ALSO the ones pushing for complete legalization of all drugs including cocaine and heroin. Because we see how well THAT goes when people just stick that sh*t in themselves; they end up a f*kcing mess and it's on everyone else to pay for saving their lives. Which again, isn't fair. But then again... people who push for such things hardly ever think about the Endgame, they only think about what's most convenient for them specifically.

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