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Reasonable theory. Though they also gave it that metal jaw, too. Would be interesting to hear the answer from someone who was involved.

I don't recall anyone complaining about it back then and Krang and the android weren't even in the film all that much, so why even bother with the time and cost of making that change.

It's just so odd how late they had to have done it though. If the more human look was just from a leak many months prior in early development that might be different, but we didn't have confirmation that Krang was even in the movie until the Superbowl ad that year, just four months prior to film release, and it's the first version we see in that trailer.

Side note... Is it weird, though, that even with just the nose and area above the mouth and upper lip still showing... there's still more "human" seen in the android body than the robo Shredder suit in the prior film. Hmm. lol

edit: Maybe seeing that ad play for the Superbowl made someone decide they didn't like the look.

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