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Some of the stuff I pre-ordered on Big Bad Toy Store came in the mail recently. They're being really slow about fulfilling pre-orders, allegedly because of a lack of stock coming in from Mattel. Most of it, I ordered back in January, was supposed to ship in February... then March... then April... now April is about to be over with and I've only gotten two of the things I ordered. I'm not in a rush but it's slightly annoying. I'll just be happy to get them, though; I've got the entire revealed line on order up through Wave 6. Can't wait!

In the meantime, first up is the new Origins Land Shark!

I LOVE this thing! I still remember getting the vintage one as a kid. My old one is missing pieces now, so this will be a fine upgrade/replacement. I wonder what other vehicles they'll reveal for this line? I have the Wind Raider pre-ordered; I doubt we'll see stuff like Spydor or Blaster Hawk, but I can see Stridor, Night Stalker, Roton, Point Dread/Talon Fighter and Battle Bones all showing up. Fingers crossed!

Next up, the new Battle Armor Skeletor!

Pretty cool extras. It always bothered me a little that none of the vintage Skeletors had a shield to counter He-Man's. And an extra right hand that can hold either the staff or the sword is great; I always hated as a kid that Skeletor's left hand was pretty much useless; if the handguard broke off of his Power Sword, he could only hold one weapon at a time since only his right hand had a molded grip. This solves that problem. And the extra head is a nice touch, although so far none of the Skeletor portraits has truly thrilled me in this line. But I can live with 'em.

I ordered Battle Armor He-Man at the same time as Skeletor, but he hasn't shipped yet. Hopefully I'll get him soon.

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