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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Yeah. Like, Soul Calibur's last game came out after Tekken 7... and Tekken 7 is still roaring. But the business model is changing. Rather than new #s every couple of years, now it's just more and more DLC for the last one. Apparently Soul Calibur 6 (like Tekken 7) will get another "season" of content soon.

I've been playing more of MK 11. Sheesh. Again, I always feel like I should preface any compliment of modern day MK with "It sucks they reverted from 3D to 2D gameplay!" (because it does -- there is no reason I shouldn't be able to dodge Scorpion's "get over here!!!" by just sidestepping, particularly in 2021 and particularly when something like Mortal Kombat vs. DCU got this so right years ago in 3D) but... this game is awesome. I was really worried it would feel like when I bought Deadly Alliance, or Deception ages ago... as in, I'd just quickly play the arcade/tower endings of all the characters and that's that, time to move on. Not so! The "Story Mode" of MK 11 alone is like a full on movie experience, with a good amount of interactivity. And it's good! And the tower stuff is fun, too. And the customization. Dabbing a bit into MK XL as well and it's pretty similar in these ways. I feel like this was money well spent.

Like, I just played Terminator vs. Rambo... and for my Fatality, Terminator got on a motorcycle and shotgunned Rambo to death. With the voices of both Stallone and Schwarzenegger at play. This is gold.
That sounds awesome. But I'm stuck in the past with fighting games. I got into Street Fighter II in the arcade in, I think it was like 7th or 8th grade. Followed those for years. But even with that history of gameplay, there are only a few that I'd want to dabble in again for fun.

Maybe Tekken 3, which was an amazing game at the time. I might've had Tekken Tag Tournament on PS2 but after that, nothing. I'm curious as to how far along that series has come now. I just remember that Tekken's "counter and reversal" function was amazing and added so much depth to a fighter.

I was really excited when they added a version of that to Street Fighter IV as well - I wouldn't mind playing that one again too....

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