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People are super-pissed that they didn't even articulate the ankles on Panthor and Battle Cat, since they did so for the more high-end MOTU Classics versions. The limbs move but admittedly the lack of ankle articulation does limit things a bit.

Mattel is deliberately trying to keep costs down as much as possible on this line, so frankly we're lucky we even got a flocked Panthor. The non-flocked one is the default and they easily could've just left it at that. I'm glad they didn't, but I don't expect too many "extras" in this line. There's already a ton of speculation that some figures from the vintage line might not end up getting made, since they'd require a lot of unique (and expensive) tooling and it's clear that Mattel is trying to stretch every piece as far as they can.

So yeah, flocked Panthor is probably just about as "fancy" as they wanna get.

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