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I paid about $75 online, so you might.

In other news:
- A few people got their Castle Grayskulls, despite the pre-order delay email saying to expect them by May 28th (and others having their pre-order cancelled entirely). I haven't gotten any updates since the delay email, but hopefully mine will come soon. GRAYSKULL! Whooooooo! I have a backup pre-order on BBTS, just in case; if the one from Wal-Mart actually ships then I'll just cancel the other one. Either way, no chance I'm missing out on that one.

- Recent cardback art suggests that Jitsu is a lock for an upcoming wave, but also that we might be lucky enough to get Stridor and Night Stalker, too! Now, obviously just because they draw stuff on the package for "action scenes" that doesn't mean that they're obligated to produce it in plastic. But so far they've been pretty consistent.

- They've also shown Blond Teela on her mount, Charger, in the cardback artwork. Neither Blond Teela nor her steed was ever produced in the vintage line, but both are something fans have wanted for ages. Since they're doing variant figures of Beast Man, Mer-Man, and Evil-Lyn, it's not 100% out of the question that we might finally get Blond Teela. And if we get Charger, too, then that's awesome. Fingers crossed!

- In spite of how impossible these toys are to find at retail, according to the latest Mattel Earnings Conference Call, the "Origins" line has been incredibly successful and MOTU is one of Mattel's Top 5 earning brands right now. Great news! Distribution still sucks, but so long as they're making money Mattel will be more likely to keep investing in the brand.

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