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And next up...

Is her band member the shark named Amy. This ladies the bass member for After the Bomb. She's big but sweet, so don't be scared of that toothy grin. She's also taking martial arts classes.

And now...

We have a member of the Hamato clan. The Turtle Jennika. She's a tough girl that teaches at the Splinter Dojo and go's out on patrol. We've also learned she's formed a band and play's the guitar.

And here's one of last years runner ups...

Mona Lisa, this mutant salamanders got quite the brain on her and fire to match. She's currently trying to put together a school for Mutant town and it seems she's into activism at the moment.

And with the next one I do want to say I have not been bribed by the Rosetie family...

the widow Lucia Rosetie. This gazelle is boss of the mutant mafia although we've heard she's in jail but here she is. This is a lady that gets what she wants.

Next is...

the Foot mutant Koya. This hawk has a hair trigger temper and seems obsessed with that turtle Leonardo. Even with clipped wings she can fly and surprisingly she's the singer in Jennika's band.

Next one's an interesting one...

From the Earth Protection Force Agent Ravenwood. This Olympian is strong, leads by example, and looks on the bright side of life. Rumer has it that she's more than meets the eye.

And our last main contestant

Jo the Orca. This killer whale loves playing the guitar and also has joined Jennikas band. She's strong and has a whale of a tail but also anger issues.

Our lines are now open for voting and remember any one can be voted for if their a girl mutant and have a name, you just have to say who.

Hopefully we'll have more after these commercials.

OC: ok, you got something to post on one of the girls preforming or fanart, go for it. You want something interesting going on back stage just keep it sfw after all, there could be kids in the audience. and my thanks for the rat king drawn by and colored by anonymous and for the main contestants, and for doing the top three winners.
Congratulations Alopex for winning the second time in a row! Sally you did great to make it 2nd and Mona and Lucia for tying for 3rd.
And my thanks to the 7 that voted.

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