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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
I had to google to see what the hell was castleroid, why not just call it metroidvania like most normal people?
To trigger you, m'dear.

Originally Posted by sdp View Post
Castlevania 64, Legends and Circle of the Moon are my favorite games and the only castlevania games I had as a kid and they're all non-canon because who knows why, it's not as if the castlevania history isn't already convoluted as h.ell
They were non-canon from the beginning, exactly, because, developers didn't want to built them into pretty convoluted timeline.

Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
I remember when Peanut yelled at me and said the fact that I didn't think that game was trash meant I shouldn't be allowed to talk out loud about video games at all. What a rube.

Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
I only bought the do-over/"apology" version "Legacy of Darkness" not that long ago, and I haven't played it yet. I'll probably like it, since it's a lot more game than the first.
LOD is worse when it comes to atmosphere and a story, but locations were completely remade to take more advantage of the 3D. They also added controllable camera and tightened controls.

But I can't help, but prefer more atmospheric original version. And I am not fan of Cornell character and gameplay.

Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
I remember being very confused when those games got generally great scores when they were released, then they never made any more like that and then for years all I read was people saying they were garbage.

I also thought it was nuts how they both came out within a year, but then I read that LoD was essentially the way the first game was always "supposed to be", more or less, and that made sense. I mean they didn't have DLC back then, gotta do somethin'. Although given how LoD ended up shipping within the same year anyway, I still kinda think they could've/should've just pushed the release date back and just released LoD instead of two games. But then they couldn't have gotten everyone's money twice, I guess.
It was first 3D game of developers and they kind of "bitten more than they could chew", i.e. attempted to make the game more ambitious than their experience and hardware allowed them. Konami deadlines didn't help either.

I am surprised that Konami allowed them to make LOD at all - it was basically admitting that the first game was very bad (not really, IMO), but it seems Konami REALLY wanted a big 3D Castlevania out there. Didn't quite worked out as they planned.

Also, fan fact: originally LOD was to be called Castlevania: Special Edition in the West. Later Konami felt like it will make the first release obsolete, so they renamed it into LOD.

About, whether or not it is closer to what CV64 was supposed to be it is quite questionable: CV64 was mostly completed. Things that were cut are two characters (turned into bosses) and more elaborate storyline system, like ability to choose various options in dialogues, which influenced endings. Also, some bosses were cut (most likely Medusa and Spider Queen), but it seems number of levels and their structure were the same.
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