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CBD Gummy Bears are a thing. You're just making excuses.

There's a reason the CBD industry blew up overnight from nothing into a billion-dollar industry. Because the stuff works, and was specifically engineered to help people who can't/won't smoke marijuana. It's literally saving lives.

I'm a very pragmatic individual. When people claim they've got problems, my natural inclination is to offer solutions to said problems. I understand that some people can't/won't smoke, but other options now exist and are proven to work even better than pharmaceutical/chemical solutions, and with no negative side effects. Hell, even the CBD roll-on works better than IcyHot for chronic pain relief (chronic pain being something I'm a bit of an expert on). It's all out there.

People owe it to themselves to get educated on these things and do right by themselves. There are legitimate options in between "living in pain and misery" and "getting hooked on opiates", now.

For anyone interested, I can ask my wife which CBD brands she recommends for gummies, vapes, drops, roll-ons or whatever. She's the one who buys it. She's got Lyme Disease and various spinal problems that give her chronic migraines, but the CBD stuff has been a huge help. I was skeptical at first but the change it's made over the last two or three years has been incredible. She used to spend entire days in bed trying to sleep, but now she has a lot less pain and a lot more energy, even on her "bad" days. For my part, the roll-on definitely makes a huge difference when my back locks up (which is happening more and more often these days); not only does it work better than IcyHot, but it smells better.

So yeah, I don't know the brands but anyone interested can let me know and I'll ask her. She's doing tons better thank to CBD. Finally getting her life back.

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