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Nintendo used to be something...not anymore

Hello all!

Back in a time where you and i were younger, i was nothing short of a nintendo fan boy up untill 2001 that was when i switched camps to PlayStation and with out knowing it i seem to make a good choise coz frankly i think the big N aint' what it used to be.

And i have my reasons too, currently i find that nintendo has totaly lost its way in how it does things for example hey are letting other dev companies make thier reconized products (ex.:F-Zero GX was devolped by sega) there was a time were a nintendo game was done by EAD or come other in-house dev group its all "outsouced" to other comanies that nintendo wants to "buddy up" too such as Namco, Konami and so forth. another thing is that nintendo klings too much to the "old days of gameing" the icon of Mario is so over used with all the spots games he is in i see this as a disgrase to such an iconic figure. i see this as a sign of weekness and just gonns be a slow progression

To all the Nintendo fans out ther this is in no way a verbal bashing tword your beloved copmany, i totaly respect nintendo and its contributions to the industry but i just forsee that things if dont rule out for them in the next ten years well lets just say they will do what thier formal rival Sega did in 2002

Thats my 2 cents, now spend it
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