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Originally Posted by akp View Post
In the flash-back (fathers and sons) it is shown that Splinter is aware that the shredder is indeed an utrom. But in season 2 when they are in the memory pods he seems to act completely ignorant of the fact.
Another reason why I hate season 5. Splinter seemed way too clued in on everything, when he should have been almost as lost as the turtles were.

My "no-prize" explanation is that after Splinter found out that Shredder was an Utrom, he contacted the Ancient One through the astral plane and got the whole story from him then.

I don't know why he wouldn't have shared all that information with his sons, but it's the only logical explanation.

Like in return of savanti, they spent three months in the past, but when they returned they returned to the exact same point they left. So did they age three months or not. It is a paradoxical question.
Lol yeah, so the Turtles are actually a few months older than they are by Splinter's count.
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