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Originally Posted by frank_one View Post
You're drawing a lot! How much time do you spend on each page? It would be cool to see your working process with scans of the different stages of a page (sketch, pencils, inking, shading...).
The way I do it is usually by drawing out the panels first before I start to work on the sketching out of the scene. After I got my characters looking the way I want them to look, I'll start inking them.

And even then, I might decide to scrap a page, such as this one here. This unfinished page shows my way of working.

I might look at a page for hours before I decide to take it to the final stage and start coloring it. There are very few (if any) reject pages that I colored and decided "NAAAAH!"

It's pretty much like doing a classical painting, I might spend full weeks on doing a multiple page update.
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