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Title: Gauntlet

World: 2012

Season: 2-4

Rating: M-R for blood, gore, violence, torture, and possible death.

Synopsis: People are being kidnapped all over New York (mainly OCs). You are among these unfortunate victims. As you wake up, you find yourself waking up in a room, tied to a contraption. You then hear a voice, telling you who you are, why you are here, and how long you have left to live until the trap you’re in kills you. In these tests of skill, intelligence and endurance, will you be among the ones that survive and go free, or will you die and be forgotten to time like the many others?

1. This is mainly for OCs, but if you want to be a TMNT character, then you may join as one if you wish.
2. You can have your character die if you want.
3. No god-modding
4. Shipping is allowed as long as you don’t harass another character you’re trying to ship.

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