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While it's highly unlikely that we'll be able to start a RP here again, Imma add an idea at least. Not cause the forum is telling me to come reply to something or anything. XD

Idea One: I've really gotten into the idea of a school AU. Especially after being in one for a while on: We could go the high school route, or even take it up a notch and have the turtles and other characters (OCs obviously included too) be in a large university/college.

General rules being the typical: Have decent grammar, stay in character, use (OOC: *insert message*) to ask questions, and such...

School rules will be left to whoever would wanna be the principle/headmaster/whatever, but I got a few suggestions: Don't kill other students, no running in the halls, no harassment, and if we go the college route no boys in the girls dorm and vice versa.

Open to suggestions too!
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