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And here's a big update of five pages.

Introducing Princess Tursiops into the Gator Tooth Sphere universe, she's that series' equivelland of Princess Azula. "Tursiops" is Greek for Dolphin and it's also the Latin name for the Bottlenose Dolphin species.

It was fun to depict Mahalo's "Super" form which combines Super Saiyan with Avatar State, showing once again how similar Son Goku and Avatar Aang actually are.

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing for our friendly neighborhood Chris Bradford clone.

I loved depicting Kraang Subprime leaning on the Xever Clone's head, what else is a completely motionless Xever clone good for anyway?

Okay THIS was a lot of work. Kuro is doing a Vyvian of the "Young ones" in the first ever appearance of that character in that series' first episode.

Throughout the entire story I've put in little hints on who Kuro is, the time to reveal his identity is drawing near thanks to a well placed hit by Casey Jones.

That scene is a salute to Adam Warren's work in the series "Biohazards" of "Dirty Pair"

I forgot the "I" in the name "Laird" on Casey's baseball bat, I left it that way "Lard" is pretty funny too.

Page 100...

And there's still more to come.
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