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Originally Posted by Galactus View Post
Hi, Revolutionary Jack.
Oh I'm not Jack (although we're very like-minded), I've been banned from CBR for a while (I was Miles To Go), but I still lurk.

I feel it's a questionable decision for MJ to secretly know about the Mephisto deal but can understand she would keep it to herself after all this time for Peter's own good but if some forces out there are literally messing with Peter's actual soul and she knows about it that's something else entirely. Unless there's a good reason why MJ is keeping quiet about who is messing with the soul of the man she loves it seems manipulative and almost as dubious a creative decision as the Mephisto deal itself. If the ending of all this is that the two get back together I'm sure most fans will be very happy that they'll overlook this but it should be a mark on her character.
It is an interesting wrinkle, I won't argue that, but I can somewhat understand MJ's posistion. She has very much even greater power and responsiblity over not just Peter's life, but also Aunt May's health and the status of reality. Undoing the interference with Peter's soul could reset history and radically alter it in ways that may benefit the Parkers, but can leave everyone else in poorer places.

the argument has always been "you could have told all these Brand New Day stories with the marriage", but what if Marvel had a more distinct answer to this? How about "no, history would have been very different, and here's why"

In being as secretive as she is, MJ is doing her best looking out for everybody, Peter, May, the Marvel Universe that she has had a hand in creating, the reality Aaron's Avengers title is indicating Mephisto has had a big hand in building from the ground up historically.
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