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Nah, that only makes it even screwier.

It's literally "We try and kill innocent people all the time. But this One Time, we have to act all upset, logic be damned... because essentially, someone else got to kill all these people before we got around to it. They committed an act of terrorism while wearing People Clothes and not fancy capes and spandex, therefore they're SUPER Evil and we're just like, Comic Book Evil."

It's nonsense. Why should Magneto or Doom get all weepy about This random group of dead people when they've killed lots of other people under similar circumstances?

I get that "logic" and "comic books" aren't good pals anyway. But no amount of "context" does anything to address how nonsensical the events of that book were. Manufactured Shmaltz and Emotional Manipulation that completely falls apart upon more than a minute's worth of thought.

At the very least, I'm pretty sure that Marvel donated the money they made off of it, so that's nice.

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