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Originally Posted by 80gmrp View Post
All I know is that I REALLY do not like what this likely means over my own favorite character...even if Leatherhead isn't 100% recycled from the 80s cartoon (which was inaccurate to the original comics where he was concerned), I can't help but notice that the TMNT crew can't seem to make up their minds about this one character and whether he's good or evil...
The only villains we have seen have only been following their own agenda thus far. There is a possibility that Leatherhead could always be an anti-hero where he isn't on the turtle's side, but he's not evil. As of yet, this image is just an easter egg depicting some familiar mutant faces that may show up. Draxum just says that he is wanting to turn every human on earth into a mutant because he sees humans are a scourge upon the planet. If he had said he was wanting to create a mutant army, that would be more reason to assume that Leatherhead would be evil.

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