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All I know is that I REALLY do not like what this likely means over my own favorite character...even if Leatherhead isn't 100% recycled from the 80s cartoon (which was inaccurate to the original comics where he was concerned), I can't help but notice that the TMNT crew can't seem to make up their minds about this one character and whether he's good or evil...
Update over my worries: finally looked into both Halfcourt and Brave Star (who a friend of mine is convinced is the bull character, as opposed to Groundchuck. Design-wise, her theory seems plausible to me). Knowing both of those characters are good guys, as well as the fact that LH is standing near them, certainly helps with keeping my worries at bay...

UPDATE #2: apparently the bull character is actually a camel, namely, Sandstorm. Thankfully, that doesn’t detract from the point of the original post, since Sandstorm was another toyline ally of the turtles.

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