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Originally Posted by Vegita-San View Post
back to heman...I'm on to episode 3.

One of the big mysteries of this series : Why was it necessary to demote man at arms at all? Other than to give teela ANOTHER big emotional fall out? it's pretty clear he's not much older than he was before, AND he's still got the skills. not quite sure where this episode is going to go, as they basically give him the luke skywalker, last jedi treatment. but at least here he's still helping people and part of the population.
Because it was a woke servicing plot contrivance.

The show isn't by any means the worst offender in the fresh history of woke $#!( that we try to smooth over by claiming these things are "the world outside our window". MOTU R is not the poster child for woke $#!( by any means. King Grayskull is cool. Having a "develop Teela" plotline is cool. The animation is cool.

But it's simply more granularization amidst an era where people are recognizing the forest for the trees and are tired of it. None of this entire "woke $#!(" was ever about inclusion. It was about reducing the footprint of anything considered "normal" and replacing that foot print with one of a different shape in favor of the proposed new "normal".

People at large aren't entirely angry that there isn't enough "He-Man" in a "MOTU" show. They are angry that this is more of the same social pattern, and they associate all of it with all of that. Woke $#!( culture, the BLM $#!(, the hood rats on the f'n streets burning flags and doing whatever. The white suburban loud mouths who have no black friends but go to BLM rallies in masks. It's the same association. It's all from the same root of a twisted, gnarled tree. That's why people are pissed, but we are talking about He-Man here. I'm sure there's some homogenization in the fandom type and you've got a group that feels this way, but they either can't or won't articulate their disgust appropriately, so they hide behind the harder-to-deny observation that there isn't enough He-Man in the show. Happens all the time.

But no one who is unbiased towards the franchise is going to sit there and say that the show's queer bating isn't woke $#!(, or that tranny Teela isn't woke $#!(, or that King Grayskull (cool or otherwise) isn't woke $#!(, or that blonde-haired white-dude He-Man's minimized role isn't woke $#!(, or that Man-At-Arms begging Teela for forgiveness over perceived slights isn't woke $#!(, or that counter-culture Orco's woe-is-me speech against 'normalcy' isn't woke $#!(.

The whole thing is a polished eyecandy to present woke $#!(. Even if He-Man comes back in the last episode to "be the hero", it's clearly still a way to have 10 or so episodes of an established property be woke $#!( but make it a soft-call for deniars to play the wait-and-see-card.

MOTU R looks pretty and it's not the worst woke $#!( offender from the last 6 years or so, but it's still woke $#!(. And Kevin Smith is right - we have to 'deal with it' so hand over the cash-by-clicks or don't either by pirating this woke $#!( or simply leaving it behind completely.

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