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I think the difference is, again like you said, is the brand. Let’s be honest the big 2 comics have been like that forever now. They haven’t “looked the same” probably since the beginning, and anybody that’s been around since Superman’s first debut is dead. As a brand we are kind of used to that BS.

Honestly is one of the reasons I can’t get invested to the big 2 because it will probably all go out the window in the next few years. Why bother.

On the opposite end, and this is speaking from an outsiders perspective, as a brand it seems like He-man only ever focuses on G1. Even just going by what I’ve read of DC comics and the 2002 series it shares not only the same cast of heroes and villains but seems to try to be the same tone. At least with Hasbro they tried coming out with Beast Wars.

It also doesn’t help that with mainstream that there really only ever was three He-man shows with two of them falling into obscurity.

It’s one of those things that’s hard to be a composite when brand only recognizes one version, with the only thing from appearances that it borrows from the non-filmation show is that Adam is much smaller in the 2002 series ( I don’t know the condensus but that’s always been my preferences)

I think that’s where TMNT got really lucky. At the height of it’s popularity it had two extremely beloved versions in the eye of the mainstream (the 87 cartoon and the 90’s films) both of which were definitely different in tone though the 87 show does have the more favored characters (though tokka and rahzar have definitely getting their moments to shine.)

Then Of course TMNT has 6 mainstream iterations (4 shows and two movie lines) each one pretty different from the others, so a “Composite” like say The Last Ronin definitely works better.

As for the cgi show? I think Mattel is going to play it safe. Not after what they did with Monster High.
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