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Cool Cowabunga, Dudes!

Don't know why I waited so long to become part of this community but here I am, better late than never! I have been a TMNT fan for as long as I can remember. Having been born the same year as the Mirage release also coincidentally according to Chinese new year, the year of the 'Wood' rat (really want to ask Eastman and Liard about that)!

Anyway all that is to say I've loved these turtle boys all the way back then and I love them just as much if not more now! I know the turtles were intended to be a one off parody of comics those two loved, but what they managed to accomplish in spite of that (by seemingly accident) is truly amazing. It really struck a nerve with me and I am sure it did with more than a few of you as well, maybe because I was the youngest of five and most of my siblings being female caused me to yearn for brotherhood.

I've more often than not been the odd one out in terms of POP-culture, where most people talk ad nauseam about the Marvel films, GOT, Pokemon Go, etc, while I'd love to discuss the latest Ep. of the 2012 incarnation. I am a die hard fan, it is my favorite property by far. I don't mind the underdog reputation I know that my resolve is strong and I will continue this dedication until the well runs dry.

Now with all that said I enjoy the following, 84 comic, 87 toon, The Arcade game, NES trilogy, 90's films (first 2), Turtles in Time Arcade and SNES release, Hyper Stone Heist Genesis, 03 toon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles GCN, TMNT 2 Battle Nexus GCN, 07 film, Turtles Forever film, 2012 toon, IDW comic, Batman/TMNT comic, Mutants in Manhattan 2016, 17 toon, TMNT Rescue Palooza! 2019 (PC fan game), and Batman vs. TMNT film.

With the constant release of awesome NECA figures, a new film and game on the horizon, I feel there is still life in our niche fandom! Whatever the future holds I know ours is much like a family, with that said brothers and sisters we shall endure. COWABUNGA, BOOYAKASHA, MAD DOGS ROLL OUT! I LOVE BEING A TURTLE!!

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