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Smile Thank you everyone.

Wow, such warm welcomes. Thanks, I knew joining this forum was a good idea, albeit a long overdue one!

I think we can have a lot of fun with all the different levels of fan on display here. Like I said I guess I have enjoyed turtles pretty much my whole life, hope that didn't come off as daunting newfan.

You know what Wesley my 6 year old nephew really gravitated towards 03 for some reason. I suppose it's a testament to the writing, it transcends generations! He loves Casey in that series (bought him the Raph, Hun, Mr. Jones three pack off ebay and he played with them until he broke Hun's arm's action mechanic and both of Casey's legs) his favorite turtle is Leo though.

I prefer 2012 due to it's mostly completeness and without jumping the proverbial shark 03 is a close second though. I still need to check out the Buffyverse, I've been told the first few seasons are rough though. With you on the original movie as well but dang isn't Batman V. TMNT a whole lot of fun.

Take care everybody and thanks again!
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