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Smile Despite it's faults...

2012 is my favorite because I find it the most consistent and respectful incarnation in cartoon form thus far. It doesn't fall prey to the long running cartoon plague witch most cartoons succumb to after being on air for so long. The dreaded tonal shift happens far to often in children's entertainment in a desperate attempt to stay relevant or appeal to a even younger audience.

I had a feeling judging by your avatar (excellent choice btw) that you preferred 2012 newfan. I also absolutely adore the casting of Splinter in 2012 his VA is spectacular! Although he has fierce competition in that category I believe he made an everlasting example of excellence for the portrayal of our beloved rat. I believe he should never be left out of a debate over best Splinter!

Thank you for clearing that up though, I don't want to come off as pompous or anything. I just really enjoy a majority of the franchise and it's nice to find others to talk about it with.
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