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I've got a few so far! He-Man, Teela, Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, and Skelegod... and Battle Cat. I think that's it, I gotta check. They don't stay on shelves around here, they disappear as fast as they get stocked. Luckily there's a shop at the flea market across the street that gets them in; five-dollar mark-up but eh.

They're not MOTU Classics but they're pretty neat. Origins is still my main MOTU line but I've been slowly picking up some Revelation/Masters figures here and there as they cross my path. Had to slow down on collecting a bit since Christmas is coming. I might get a few as gifts, fingers crossed.

I haven't bought any of the toys for the CGI reboot though. The stores are pushing those harder than Origins or Masterverse but they just don't really appeal to me. I might get a He-Man and Skeletor from that line but that'd probably be it.

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