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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
there's bits in each version which I think should be "hard canon" and others that should be disregarded.

Like f'n Fisto saying that he'd like to "fist Skeletor". That aint goin' away anytime soon.

That's like - that's going to be on f'n standby as outlandish and readily for me as any comment I have front loaded about Iron Man 3.

"Hey! New MOTU content is coming out! Maybe we will get the follow-up to when Fisto actually f'n fist f's Skeletor, per Kevin Smith's original plot line".
"Hey! New MOTU figures coming out! Maybe Fisto will have an interchangeable "$#!( covered fist for when f'n FISTED Skeletor"

Seriously, episode 6 was going incredibly strong - especially with the Sorceress/MAA/Teels backstory and Adam not being a bitch. Until Fisto wanted to f'n fist Skeletor and now that's pretty much all that's on my f'n mind.
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