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Originally Posted by Bahamut810 View Post
That being said, they did break what was going to happen in MoTU and were correct. Kevin Smith owes them an apology for calling them liars when they broke the story.
Clownfish weren't 100% accurate at all

-They said Teela would have a girlfriend. Revelation ends with her and Adam together. Andra was only ever a friend.

-They said Andra would become the champion of Grayskull and Adam would step aside. That didn't happen either, Adam is front and centre throughout the second half, and at the end Adam suggests not carrying on, but Teela tells him she still needs her champion, and he agrees with her. Andra ended up doing nothing in that second half.

-They said it was 'the Teela show' but that's only true for four out of ten episodes, everyone else gets equal focus in the second half, but of course Cuckfish's narrative moved the goalposts to "it's the Teela and Evil Lyn show"

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