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Originally Posted by akp View Post
Then there was the episode timing is everything, where Mike and Raph from the very near future, tell their very recent past selves to go home and look for an envelope and ask their selves to do the same when they get to the future. This seems to create a causality problem. Which version originated the thought/knowledge the first. It appears to be cyclical reasoning. They only know about the envelope don mailed from the past from themselves. Which seems to create a contradiction.
It's just a constant loop. I love time-travel! lol

Originally Posted by akp View Post
In the first episode of BTTS, the turtles encounter three shredders going at each other. Did that event actually come to pass or was it one of those cases where TMNT did subscribe to many worlds and alternative histories theory?
Personally, I think it was an alternate future. But if it did actually happen, I bet it all started when they tried to send Serling back to the future. Something went wrong with the time-window and somehow those 3 Shredder's were all brought to the same time.

One other being when Don is transported to a bleak alternative future. Where, "there is no hope, there is only the shredder".
Definitely an alternate future based upon Donatello disappearing in "late season 3" and not being there for the events of Exodus. I'm sure that mission would have gone to hell without old Don.

Originally Posted by akp View Post
But Splinter visited the Ancient one soon after Yoshi was killed, when the turtles were still children. It was then Splinter uses the phrase Utrom Shredder. This according to chronology happened before season 2. Though this incident was revealed in season 5.

Then splinter acted as if he was unawares about Utrom Shredder's true identity in season 2.
That's often the nature of the flashback episode though. I just chalk it up to the fact that that's how Splinter was differentiating the two Shredder's for the purpose of the story being told to the turtles.

I guess the only logical explanation is that it was just a continuity error in the script. Whether it was there deliberately or not cannot be answered without input from the writers. Or maybe the writers just chose to say to hell with it and went ahead and wrote the script for season 5.
Yeah, that whole season was just a wreck. Which is a shame, because the writers did such an epic job leading up to it with the late season 4 sub-plots.
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