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Originally Posted by Wildcat View Post
Vectorman was cool. Wish more games were made. There was a PS2 game that was cancelled. I think it was ps2.
Indeed. It was reportedly nothing like the original games, though.

Either way...those games weren't good, guys.

Originally Posted by DarkFell View Post
Anyone know why Primal Rage 2 got scrapped? Old game but I'm still curious as to why it got canned.
Lol...mad OT here, but I'll indulge you. Atari Games wasn't in great shape at the time and Primal Rage wasn't exactly the biggest fighting game success story. They cancelled the project pretty early in development out of fear it wouldn't sell enough to warrant the cost of development. Pretty sure there are roms out there of what did exist, though. I think someone even had a test cabinet kicking around as recently as this year.

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