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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
When has Mario's love for italian food been used officially? Luigi's cowardice only started with Luigi's Mansion and I believe Miyamoto chose the name of the Koopalings but i could be wrong on that one.
He dreams of different kinds of pasta dishes when you let him fall asleep in SM64, although that's apparently not in the Japanese version of the game.

Luigi's characterization began somewhat in Paper Mario, where you could read his diary and he had some pretty amusing dialogue, but you're right that his cowardice was really (officially) brought to the fore in Luigi's Mansion. However, him being a wimp is definitely something you can see carried over from the old western cartoons. There's actually an old SMB anime where he's portrayed as super slimy and greedy, which is funny considering where his character ended up. He's easily the most interesting character with the best characterization of anyone from the Mario universe, though.

Miyamoto had nothing to do with the Koopalings names, as they were never named in Japan and instead given named by NoA localizers. That's part of the reason they had different names in the DiC series - the game wasn't localized while they were in production, so no names existed.

Edit: Oh, also! Here's a great and weird piece of Mario art from a weird old set of anime. Momotaro Mario with a gun.

If you've never seen this thing, look it up. The image of Mario booking it to anime speed lines carrying a gun is insaaaane.
Edit 2: I gotta make a gif of that damn scene.

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