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I've been listening to people debate "What Is Punk?" and trying to set the rules and/or accuse people of being "posers" since high school, to the point where nowadays, I just throw up my hands, shout "LABELS DIVIDE PEOPLE!" and walk away.

I think the least-Punk thing in the world, frankly, is trying to establish "rules" for a genre that is greatly defined by its determination to break all established rules. Also, setting yourself up as the "inclusive" genre and then being all elitist about who truly belongs in your little club. I've always hated that. It's hypocritical and divisive. Anyone with a checklist going around trying to define what Is and Isn't "punk" is definitely Not Punk, at least in my opinion.

To me, it's less about style and music and more about attitude. That's what I identify with. Although the music is great, too! But the debates just make conversing with other fans just insufferable, to me. It's like they can't even hear themselves talk or they'd realize how silly they are.

I dig it all, every genre and sub-genre. "Pure" punk, "skater" punk, "ska" punk, "pop" punk, "pussy" punk, and whatever other made-up bullsh*t labels anyone wants to put on anyone, if there's a style I promise you I like someone in that general milieu. Love the Ramones. Love the Misfits. Love The Clash and NOFX and the Sex Pistols and The Offspring and Green Day and Blink-182 and Dropkick Murphys and Good Charlotte and New Found Glory and Dead Kennedys and Pennywise and The Replacements and whatever else you wanna throw at me. I literally don't care, and I especially don't care if someone wants to tell me half of those bands "don't belong" on some arbitrary list. I've heard it all before. I just enjoy music, I don't waste my time trying to put it in a box and telling people they're stupid for liking it, or that it doesn't fit a label that someone made up anyway. THAT is incredibly Not-Punk.

Even Nirvana and Guns N Roses, two bands that aren't typically what springs to mind when someone mentions "punk rock", are nonetheless heavily-rooted in punk rock music and sensibilities. The Who, even. So it's really all just a great big circle-jerk. Is the music good? Does it speak to you? Then all is well, my friends.

That said, I really dig the OP's thoughtful, detailed, and well-presented analysis, as it's very insightful, educational, and doesn't seek to incite or inflame. Very cool. It's just that the whole "What IS Punk?" debate is one that I, personally, see very little value in, as I'm getting kinda old for it. Nobody knew then, and nobody knows now, and I kinda don't think it matters.

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