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I've been listening to Kesha's late 2010's material. Her early stuff was going hard around the time I was out of high school and partying a bit so I definitely indulged in her "brush my teeth with a bottle of jack" style lol. Her old stuff is repetitive but pretty damn fun and definitely helped shape trash pop of the last decade (for better and for worse, mostly worse).

Post Dr. Luke assault allegations she's leaned more into her Nashville roots. Her mom wrote a big hit for Dolly Parton back in the day. Her last two albums have a lot of variety in them and while there are plenty of misses she's got some really cool stuff on both albums. Cowboy Blues is a good stripped down pop country song with a catchy chorus and Resentment is pretty emotionally vulnerable. Bonus points on the latter for featuring Brian Wilson. She's got fun pop-rock songs on her previous album. Let Em Talk ft. Eagles of Death Metal has a ton of energy.

Pop music is generally best enjoyed in the background at a party. There's a reason why almost every pop album is front loaded with radio friendly singles. Most pop stars are only going to have a handful of songs most people listen to.

I need to try listening to more Lady Gaga. The Fame Monster was actually really good but then Born this Way came out and while I appreciate the sentiment, that song blows. It's just not fun to listen to.
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