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I am from a non-English country so I don't know a lot about different singers, but did people all been into pop songs "trash" when they were teenagers.

Only the most profitable English songs were mostly introduced via public media in my country and they are Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys something like that and I was feel kinda cool back then. I was also into Miley Cyrus "Hannah" thing cause I was still a teenager.

I don't know about R&B but did all songs I mentioned is that kind? These songs and some pop Taiwanese songs in 90s and 00s are definitely gay now in my current opinion.

Now I enjoy Beat dancing songs, Bad Ass songs, and country songs, etc. In fact anything that not gay

The idol groups are raising a ton of popularity especially in east Asia and I just can't appreciate that thing. Pop cultures are getting more and more childish.
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