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The trouble Hailee Steinfeld has with her label reminds me of two other female recording acts that had worse troubles with their label.

Ghost was a huge international hit for Ella Henderson. Her followup singles from the same album did well enough in the UK and she even had a pretty big collaboration. Surely a sophomore album was guaranteed, right? Apparently Syco (Simon Cowell's record label) were not satisfied with what she was coming up with so blocked her from releasing anything or leaving and going to another label for a long time.

Jojo was pretty much the above on steroids. Blocked from releasing new music on Interscope but also blocked from leaving the label and releasing music on another label or even independently. Law suits lasted for years and over a decade later she's free to release music again. She's even re-recorded her first two albums so the old label doesn't profit from her work. The only reason I didn't post the new version is that I gotta "woo" near the end.

Love both these songs. Been listening to them a lot lately.

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