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He'd never watch it because of the darker sub-section of the fanbase, and the bad name they give anyone who watches it by association.

Everything you say is true, though. I am not kidding when I say that FiM is one of the best shows "for kids" that I've ever seen, especially in recent years when "For Kids" means, "Just half-ass it, kids are stupid, they won't know." Mostly, it succeeds because despite ostensibly being "for kids", so much of it goes right over their heads and can only be appreciated by... well... people in their 30s and 40s. Much of it can only be fully appreciated by MEN in their 30s and 40s, no less. I mean, call me whatever, but most chicks I know don't go nuts over a "Clockwork Orange" reference, just for one thing. And they do tons of stuff like that. I don't get how so many people can be middle-aged and unabashed Disney fanatics, but a lot of those same people draw the line at FiM. It's strange.

It's such a smart, versatile show that's sadly never going to get its fully-deserved credit because 1. It's "supposed" to be for little girls (despite it doing a great job of being For Everyone), and 2. Fans Ruin Everything.

Also, the movie is easily at least as good as some of the mid-level Disney animated films. It's no "Lion King", but easily on par with stuff like "Oliver and Company", which I think is underrated, and objectively, probably better than stuff like "101 Dalmations".

I maintain that I did not want to like FiM. But I do, because it's a Very Good Show. But getting people who've already dismissed it to watch it is like pulling teeth because of "Those Fans", and that's a shame.

I never watched any of the Equestria Girls stuff, though. That didn't grab me at all. Felt like a cheap cash-in type deal. I tried to watch the first one they did but it felt kinda boring. Never saw the others.

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