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Originally Posted by Egon1982 View Post
Sumac is a judgmental person.
Very much so and proud of it.

Originally Posted by Egon1982 View Post
I consider anthros as people who are different. He's no different than a book published in the south of the US that was a guide to why people of different skin were not human and even what whites thought about Native Americans " The Indian…is an untamable, carnivorous animal.
(Dr. Josiah Nott, 1847)"
Two things wrong with this whole paragraph.
1) Anthros not real. They don't care how you treat them, because, they don't exist.
2) Comparing treatment of fictional characters with some real life atrocities and prejudice is an epitome of idiocy, autism and plain disrespect to people who experienced and continue to experience hardships.

If someone commented on my life in style like "but cartoon animals have issues too" I'd made'em a laughingstock in a public, because, this level of autism shouldn't be tolerated.
Now with 200,1% more poison!

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