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I like Nintendo and Mario and stuff but when it basically became the 'Mario' console above all else, I jumped ship.

I mean Nintendo made bank with Mario and Link, sure but it also built itself with the Castlevanias, Contras and so forth during the 8-bit era and Street Fighter played a big hand in the SNES beating the Genesis for a while. Seeing the Nintendo 64 abandon most if not all of those properties to just focus on Mario and Yoshi and what-have-you killed my buzz and made me go to the Playstation that would continue on with Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Darkstalkers, etc.

Same with Game Cube and the Wii, the Wii U and now the Switch. Most of the games I care about are PS4 exclusives or will come mega-late for the Switch. Every time someone talks about some cool game there's the one dude in the back saying 'what about the Switch?' I'm like 'what ABOUT the Switch? Sorry you didn't get a PS4?'

I'm not saying Nntendo will go away. It can obviously live off just Mario and Pokemon and what-have-you on their own. I just have no interest into buying another Nintendo console unless they bring in all the other series I care about too.
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