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With both older 2d and 3d games and collections containing such games getting released for every platform available nowadays, I don't think Nintendo will ever shoot themselves in the foot again with a system like N64 with so little 3rd party support.

On the Nintendo Switch you can play the original FF7 plus remastered versions of FF8, 9, 10, X-2 and 12. Not to mention you can play games like LA Noire, The Witcher 3, Skyrim and Bioshock. And ofc you can buy older Castlevania and Mega Man games as well.

Did you expect back in, I dunno, 2007, to be able to play games like most of the ones mentioned above on a Nintendo console AND on the go as well?! Seriously, the fact you can play games like Skyrim and THE WITCHER 3 on a train ride or at a bus stop is quite impressive. I didn't expect to see such games being available to play on the go so soon.

Yes, OK, the Switch battery life could be better but it's not like it's 5 minutes long. If you fully charge it before leaving the house you can play such games on a short trip or whole you wait for the bus or at the doctor's office. It's not like you'll be waiting 8 hours.
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