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Originally Posted by neatoman View Post

You can't fill a fictional world with things that never happened or can't happen in the real world, then still insist that real world events happen the same way and have the same impact, nor does it make sense for the fictional world to more or less just be the same in general.

Example: If the Avengers have the ability to travel to other planets on the fly and everyone knows aliens exist, then why doesn't earth have colonies in space and why are real world conflicts relevant? If you have all this as an established part of the fictional world, then the fictional world would logically deviate far more from reality than it does.
Ok, that was pretty well stated. Awesome job at that. So with that said and to your point....

You can do that. It's artistic merit and in disregard of continuity in order to address a greater topic.

Now with that said, and as you pointed out and as Leo mentioned - the Spidey issue..... you know... is flawed from any POV other than 'it was an acknowledgment of the time". The simple fact is that you have to be discerning enough to bob and weave in between "continuity" and "artistic expression" and "additions for relevance". That's it. It really is that simple.

Now if we were to get really nerdy for that kind of "justify the story" kind of convo that we comic book guys have? I suppose, and this isn't to diminish the point I made above, but I suppose it could be argued that real-world things still happen around the Marvel characters because there are still real people running around doing things independent of Spider-Man or Kingpin or whoever. For example, the (Updated) Afghan war was still happening regardless of superheroes running around because Tony Stark went there, got blown up and became Iron Man.

So the first point above is to address that things like that are done for artistic merit or cultural relevance. The second point above illustrates that these things can happen. And so the role of Doom in that Spidey book doesn't diminish the event, but rather is maybe a mischaracterization. But we don't care because it's done for artistic merit.
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