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I mean you "can" just do it for cultural relevance, obviously these comics wouldn't exist otherwise. But "can" isn't quite the same as "makes sense".

The problem is that things don't happen in a bubble, in real life or in fiction, and it's questionable how these real life events would occur without influence from the fictional elements.

Let's say Donald Trump was elected president in both the real world and the Marvel Universe, that is fine. However, in real life we can see why one of his campaign promises, the wall, makes sense because he adressed some issue important to people in the real world. In the Marvel Universe, the promise of a border wall might come across as a strange subject, since alien invasions are clearly a bigger problem than illegal immigration.

If Donald Trump became the president in the Marvel Universe, wouldn't it make more sense to change his promise from a border wall to making counter measures against alien invasions more robust?

I get that the writers want to be relevant, I'm just not sure superhero comics are really the best platform to talk about real life issues, at least not Marvel/DC style superhero comics? Maybe in a comic where the hero has relatively low-tier powers, all his allies have fairly simple powers too, they only deal with human threats who are (at worst) only capable of doing something like 9/11 and stuff like time travel never really happens. I could see a comic like that dealing real world issues in a believable way, but not really the aliens and mutants variety we get from Marvel/DC.

I get that these are the big sellers and it is what most writers spend their time working on, so of course they're going to use these comics to deal with those issues, regardless of how bizarre it may seem. They're not going to make some relatively down to earth indie comic to talk about 9/11 or the election of this or that president. But ultimately, it is just bizarre to ignore what the setting is like, just to make a point about the real world.
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